Thank you for joining us today to watch the Lincolnshire Show Online 2020
The Lincolnshire Show is the county’s annual agricultural show founded by the Lincolnshire Agricultural Society.
The Lincolnshire Agricultural Society was founded back in 1869. Its objectives are the “furtherance, welfare and progress of the Agricultural Industry and all professions, trades and crafts connected therewith”.
As a charitable organisation, we are truly passionate about promoting and supporting education, food, farming and the Countryside within Lincolnshire’s local community. 100% of surplus funds from events are gift aided back into the charity to deliver our educational work.
The Society have significantly increased our events throughout the year to reflect these aims, including Farmhouse Breakfast Week, Countryside Lincs, the Schools’ Challenge, Lincolnshire Day and much more.
In 2019, the Lincolnshire Agricultural Society celebrated its 150th Anniversary. This was a special year marking the fantastic role that the LAS has played in teaching and inspiring young people, plus the next generation about Lincolnshire’s agriculture and the importance of farming in a sustainable environment.
By donating to the Society you’ll be helping to support the society’s charitable objectives of promoting food, farming and the environment as well as educating school pupils, consumers and farmers themselves through events, advice and a support network available to all.

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